These fitties have successfully completed the program with an average reduced fat of 5% and have gained muscle mass!

FIT & FAT LOSS Program

Our fatloss program is back! The successful program in which you loose weight and gain strength with the help of personal trainers in order to reach your own personal body goals in 8 weeks!
We start 23 April so make your start of the year perfect! Still a few spots available!

The program contains:

- food schedule
- 3 or 4 hours of training in a small group
- weekly measuring bodyweight, fatpercentage and musclemass
- coaching once every two weeks

The following foodprograms are possible:

- basic
- basic easy (less variation, easier, short shoppinglist)
- diabetes
- rich in protein
- glute free
- lactose intolerance
- natural
- paleo
- New: pescotarian (no meat, yes to fish)
- vegan
- vegetarian