2 out of 3 women avoid the gym. This is why!

2 out of 3 women avoid the gym. This is why!

So many people feel at home in a gym: For them it is the place to do their favorite training, often with their friends. But American research shows that this does not apply to everyone. For example, 65 percent of women avoid the gym because they find it annoying that other people seem to judge them in the gym. Therefore, here are a number of tips how to deal with that bad feeling!

It’s not strange when you sometimes have doubts about something, for example whether you do an exercise well. But a large group of women doubts things too much. About how they look for example. Or they doubt whether their choice of clothes is the right one. Or they think they are too heavy to go to a gym. Let us tell you this: these are all unnecessary thoughts, because you shouldn’t worry about anything! Others in the gym are really busy with themselves and do not mind you at all!

Think about your training

If you walk into the gym and then just do something, it can happen that you use wrong techniques or the wrong training structure. That may make you feel uncomfortable. This feeling can easily be prevented by coming to the gym with a predetermined plan: which training will I do today, how do I use the devices in the right way and what are the good techniques for the exercises? It is certainly no problem if you need some help with that. The instructors in the gym are happy to help!

Follow the others

If you want to exercise fairly anonymously, group classes are a great solution! Under dim light and with the focus on the instructor on the stage you’ll train without others watching you. Especially if you go stand somewhere in the back. Participating in group class has another advantage: if you don’t know how to do an exercise, you can just see how the others do it!

Remember your personal goals

Don’t forget that you are in the gym for yourself! For example, you have the goal of feeling fit, losing weight, live healthier or grow more muscle mass. What others think about that, does it really matter? The ideal mindset for the gym is: think of your personal goals and don’t worry about what others (might) think!