4 reasons why it’s easier to get fitter during the summer

4 reasons why it’s easier to get fitter during the summer

The prospect of the summer is amazing. Just enjoying your holiday, have good food and drinks, and doing absolutely nothing at all! But do you know that it is also the perfect time to get fitter? During summer that is even easier than in the cold winter months!

1. Less appetite
Many people love to light the barbecue on a hot summer’s day. If you would do the same in the middle of the winter, you’d probably eat much more than during the summer. That is because in summer the sun and the high temperature ensure that you are less hungry. And it’s simple: if you eat less, you will also gain less weight!

2. More active with good weather
You probably know the feeling during winter. The days are short and dark, and the only thing you long for is your warm living room. You don’t want to do anything at all in that freezing cold! It’s a fact that people are more active when the weather is warm. So it makes a lot of sense to work out in summer. The perfect excuse ‘it’s such a bad weather’ doesn’t apply either. To the contrary, being outside gives you energy and thus you prevent feeling depressed.

3. Less mood sensitive
Speaking of a depression: many people suffer – to a greater or lesser extent – from a winter depression. As a result, they start eating more. In summer mood changes occur less frequently. That’s why there is a lesser chance of becoming depressed. So, it is also less common that you start eating more. And by the way: working out in nice weather makes you feel amazing!

4. You want to look fitter
Of course – and for many people that is the most important thing – you want to look as fit as possible during the summer. That should be a fantastic motivation to eat less and exercise more!

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