Bodypump got instructor Denise out of her comfort zone

Bodypump got instructor Denise out of her comfort zone

It was the first thing that went through Denise’s mind, when she was asked to become a Bodypump instructor: “Me? No way! I won’t do that!” But before saying what she was thinking, Denise thought about the pros and cons of the proposal. What she eventually said? Well, with now six years of experience as a Bodypump instructor, that is easy to guess.

“The moment I was asked to start teaching, I had been going to Bodypump classes for six years,” Denise says. “I knew all the techniques and understood how the class was structured. But I didn’t want to be the center of attention. People are constantly looking at you. I already hated that at school. I did not like doing a presentation there. But I realized that teaching Bodypump would bring me out of my comfort zone. So, that’s why I said ‘yes’. Now I don’t care about being watched anymore. I just go on stage and do my thing.”

Train all muscles
Bodypump is one of the most popular group classes worldwide. At mac there are many members who do Bodypump at least once a week. Denise understands why. “In this class you can train all your muscles in just one hour. Moreover, you will soon see the result of your efforts. During my class, I always pay close attention to whether members are doing the techniques in the right way. That is very important. I love to challenge people during class and help them go the extra mile. No, I don’t want to teach other classes. Taking part in a different class, that is okay for me. But for the rest, I will stick to Bodypump.”

After six years of teaching and previously six years as a participant, Denise has done so many different Bodypump releases. “I think I started somewhere around release 70 and we now are at number 111. Every three months there is a new release, with different movements and new music. After a month or two, I always start mixing with some old songs in the release. After such period, I think it’s time for something new. But I never get bored of Bodypump.”

Every Wednesday evening
Denise teaches Bodypump every Wednesday night at 8 pm at mac SportsClub. Of course, you are invited to join her!