A healthy lifestyle? Then you’ll live 6 years longer!

A healthy lifestyle? Then you’ll live 6 years longer!

Yes, it is true! People with a healthy lifestyle on average live much longer than peers that live unhealthy. Researchers from Rotterdam have shown that people who don’t smoke, don’t have high blood pressure and do not suffer from obesity – on average – become ill nine years later and live six years longer! Can there be a better reason to live a healthier life?

Obesity, for example, plays a major role in – often – fatal diseases (such as cancer and cardiovascular disease). People who live unhealthily get these diseases rather earlier than healthy people and – as a result – die at a younger age. That’s why the researchers at Erasmus MC emphasize the importance of living a healthy life. In any case, it helps to exercise regularly and pay attention to your diet. But not everyone does that.

Personal Food Plan

To help you live healthier, mac has introduced the Personal Food Plan. We help you with nutritional advice and coach you, so that you learn to get used to a healthier lifestyle. For only € 58,- per month we provide you once a week with a Personal Food Plan and we weigh you to monitor the results. Moreover, every four weeks you get half an hour (online) personal coaching about nutrition. If you chose the Personal Food Plan VIP (€ 89,-) you get personal coaching every other week.

Personal Health Plan

You can combine our nutritional advice with a sports membership at mac! For € 119 per month you can use our gym and participate in all Athletic lessons. In addition, you also get a food plan and we weigh you to monitor the results. This Personal Health Plan also includes personal coaching or personal training for 1 hour every four weeks!

Fit & Fatloss Program
For anyone who wants to lose weight in a short period of time and feel fitter, there is the mac Fit & Fatloss Program. With our successful program you realize your goals in just 8 weeks. By working in small groups and under professional guidance you’ll achieve the maximum result! Would you like to follow the Fit & Fatloss Program? Then sign up! Click here for more information. The start of the new series is on March 11, 2019.

If you would like more information about mac Personal and the Fit & Fatloss Program, just come to our front desk or call us at 043 352 81 79.