The feeling of anti-gravity, freedom, space in the spine and a total body stretch.  Learn how to let go and let gravity do it’s job during the inversions.(hanging upside down). Anti-gravity yoga, also known as ‘Aerial yoga’, is originally from New York. Anti-gravity yoga is a fusion technique, combining yoga, pilates, fitness, flexibility, acrobatics and core training. For all yoga exercises we make use of silk hammocks.

The key benefits of the class are:
The body gets stronger, more flexible, fitter. You lengthen the muscles and release tension in the spine, as well as detoxing the body by massaging the lymphatic system. The class is also suitable for people with back problems. Due to the inversions the spine decompresses and the body releases happy hormones like endorphins which make you feel happy. Anti-gravity is suitable for everyone, also for beginners.
AGY is not suitable in case of:
high blood pressure
heart disease

Date: Saturday 8 December
Time: 11.00 – 12.30
: € 25,00 p.p.
Location: Brusselsestraat 74A

Dresscode: Like other yoga classes, comfortable clothing that allows you to move without restriction is recommended. Wear a shirt with long-sleeves and no jewelry or make-up. If you have a yoga mat please bring your own!