The biggest gym annoyances for men

The biggest gym annoyances for men

International Men’s Day Deal

On Monday November 19 it is International Men’s Day. In the build-up towards that special day we tell you about the five biggest gym annoyances men have. On International Men’s Day we have a spectacular deal for all men. You can already view the deal here.


Number 1: The Mess Maker

Where is that weight of twenty kilos? And the one of ten? It is so annoying that you always have to go through half the gym, just to collect all the weights you want to use? Why doesn’t everybody put their weights back where they found them? Sometimes you literally stumble over all the weights, barbells, et cetera! Gosh, what do some men make a mess all the time!


Number 2: The Smart Ass

You know them. No doubt. They are the people who give unwanted advice after every exercise you do: “I always do it like that!” Or “You’d better do it like this!”. It doesn’t matter what you do, they always know things better. Let’s put it this way: “Thank you for your feedback. But I prefer to do it my way!”


Number 3: The Show-off

Finally! Finally you succeeded! It was tough to push 80 kilos in the weight room, but you nailed it! Of course you are very proud of yourself. But just seconds after you finished, a ‘show-off’ pushes 100 kilos. Like it was nothing. His/her cynical wink doesn’t help either…


Number 4: The Noise Maker

Do you know why the music in a gym is often pretty loud? So you won’t hear them. People who make sounds during every exercise or movement. Often very loud. Again and again. ‘Uhhh’ or ‘Ahhhh’. A tip for all of them: making all that noise during your exercise is not necessary at all!


Number 5: The Towel-Man

You already looked around in the gym. Nobody. There is really nobody. Where could he be? You have been waiting to use the leg press for minutes now. But the towel on the machine indicates someone else wants it first. Somewhere in the future. Well people, it’s not necessary to make a reservation for your fitness machines! You can use it too!