Bartjan: ‘Bodyattack is always a party!’

Bartjan: ‘Bodyattack is always a party!’

The secret of Bodyattack? Bartjan barely has to think about his answer: “Bodyattack is always a party”, the instructor (28) laughs. “I don’t know any other group class that combines such exciting music with fun and spontaneous choreography. It may seem difficult at first glance, but that is by no means the case. The exercises have lots of repetitions, so that helps to get used to it fast. And if you ever miss a step? Ah, that does not matter at all! Bodyattack is most of all having a great time!”

Actually, it was a bit of a coincidence. “When Bodyattack instructor Gerda left, there was no immediate replacement,” Bartjan says. “It seemed like Bodyattack would disappear from the schedule. That would be so unfortunate, because the class is so much fun! Then mac asked me if I would like to teach Bodyattack? At first I had to think about that. But eventually the decision was easy: Yes, I’ll do it!”


Everybody who has ever been in his class, knows how enthusiastic Bartjan always is. “I really love teaching this class! It is such a nice, fun group of – often – the same people. Everybody is very Bodyattack minded. With a new release coming up, they all are very excited. And all that enthusiasm gives me energy! Why Bodyattack is a great class? It’s because you train your entire body, use every muscle group and your endurance increases. Afterwards you really feel like you have done something.”

Behind closed doors

Bartjan has a full-time job as a teacher and also follows a course in Utrecht. “Yes, my life is very busy. And every Tuesday I’ll have to be here for Bodyattack, but I am happy to do so. I’ll have to do some sports anyway, so this is a great. True, it takes some hours to learn all those new releases. I always do that at home, in my bedroom. Then I close the door, put on the music and start practicing. That is the way I learned the newest release too. I hope everybody will join me for this Bodyattack 103 soon.”