On Thursday evening June 6 (starting at 8.30 p.m.) everyone can participate for free in the Mindfulness training in our Body & Mind studio! If we say ‘for free’ we really mean for free: you don’t even have to have a mac membership to experience the power of this meditation class. So ask your friends and family, and join (together). 

You don’t know what Mindfulness is? Well, a lot of our average day activities are done on autopilot. Mindfulness is living in the now, without judgement and with mildness. By attending a Mindfulness training regularly, you’ll learn to be more at ease, worry less and deal with stress better. You’ll also learn to enjoy more of life, sleep better and learn how to relax. In short, you will – hopefully – be happier!

Would you like to try Mindfulness on June 6? That is possible! The free class starts at 8.30 p.m. Be there on time and prepare yourself, while enjoying a – also free – cup of tea before the great meditation training starts!