Many members of mac Body & Mind rightly consider Pilates as the ideal workout for improving their flexibility, posture and coordination. Did you know that at mac you can do Pilates on different levels? In addition to the regular classes, our instructor Saskia teaches Pilates Intermediate every Wednesday evening at 7 pm. This class is ideal for everyone who wants to make Pilates just that little bit more challenging, but at the same time manageable.

For this Pilates class it’s important to know the basic techniques already, because the exercises are a bit more complex. The sequence of the exercises is also a little bit faster, so that means you’ll experience a real flow. There will be less explaining of the different techniques. But just like in the regular class, during Pilates Intermediate you’ll develop long and strong muscles, and you will strengthen your inner core.

Do you already have some Pilates experience? And now you want to go to the next level? Then come to Pilates Intermediate every Wednesday evening at 7 pm!