Be fully aware of the current experience. That is what our Mindfulness class is about. Every Thursday evening at 8.30 pm Christine teaches this meditation class in the Body & Mind studio. mac would like to introduce this unique group class to as many people as possible. That is why all mac members (also without a Body & Mind membership) and non-members can participate in our Mindfulness class FOR FREE on 16 and 23 May and 6 June! Come to our Body & Mind studio (Brusselsestraat 56 in Maastricht) and participate!

You hear about mindfulness more and more. If you don’t know what it is: Mindfulness is living in the now, without judgement and with mildness. That may sound complicated. For example: we brush our teeth every day. If you use the mindfulness technique for brushing your teeth, then you’ll experience this – often – routine very consciously: what do you taste? What do you feel? And if you get lost in thoughts, you take yourself back to the moment. You can train this skill in mindfulness classes.

Becoming curious? Just come to the Mindfulness class at mac on 16 and 23 May and 6 June. Join for free and without any obligation! The class starts at 8.30 pm.