Bodybalance from now on for mac SportsClub Athletic members too!

Bodybalance from now on for mac SportsClub Athletic members too!

Great news for all fans of Bodybalance! As of August 19, also members with a mac Athletic can join this class. Of course, members of the Body & Mind studio can keep participating in Bodybalance.  You don’t  know what this Les Mills group class is and why it is so good for you? Let us explain!

During a Bodybalance class you’ll combine movements from yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. You don’t have to worry that it’s all too complicated. The opposite is true. The various poses and stretches are simple and safe. They aim to make your entire body stronger and more flexible. Learning to control your breathing is also an important part of the class. The last ten minutes of Bodybalance are always reserved for meditation.

Doing Bodybalance has all kinds of advantages. First of all, you’ll improve the flexibility of your muscles. The exercises also strengthen your core and you will burn lots of calories. Naturally – given the close ties with yoga – Bodybalance brings you some peace of mind and tranquility. This way you’ll reduces your stress level and your concentration increases.

Great introduction
Bodybalance is for everyone: young and old, male or female! If you have never done yoga before, Bodybalance is a great first introduction. Bodybalance is also challenging and fun for advanced yoga practitioners! Like the other Les Mills classes, the choreography and music changes every three months. So you’ll have enough time to get to know a class.

Starting times
Check our site for the exact starting times of Bodybalance classes.