Dennis, the new busy bee at mac SportsClub

Dennis, the new busy bee at mac SportsClub

If you’d join the Small Group Training of our newest instructor Dennis, for sure you will notice how well he keeps an eye on everyone in his class. Some members he will give some instructions, all of them will receive encouragements. Dennis is like a busy bee. He ‘flies’ through the small group room, making sure everyone reaches that extra level. Nothing, really nothing escapes his attention.

You can safely say that Dennis (27) knows exactly what he’s doing. After successfully graduating at the CIOS for becoming a sports teacher, he is currently in the final phase of his study physiotherapy. So that is why Dennis knows the best exercises and can tell in detail how your body reacts. “I may have more anatomical knowledge than an average person, because of my background”, Dennis says. “I use that knowledge in my classes. Because I am almost a physiotherapist, during Small Group Training I can assist people whom are recovering from injuries. Among other things, I can show them precisely the postures that are the best for them.”

Instructor Shanice introduced Dennis to mac. “I have known her for a while now, and she is very positive about mac. Six months before I’ll graduate, I already wanted to gain some work experience. And I always enjoyed fitness and sports. So, working at mac is very helpful for my career. Eventually I would like to have a profession that combines physiotherapy and sports. That would be very interesting. For example, I would love to help athletes in their training and with physiotherapy.”

Develop myself
At the moment Dennis teaches Small Group Training (every Wednesday) and TRX (every Monday). “TRX is a training that I love to do myself. In the class I teach exercises that I used to do myself. A group class on music, like Bodypump, does not have my interest. I really like giving personal training. Perhaps I can do that here in the future. If there will be opportunities to develop myself, I would love to do that at mac.”

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