Important update on the corona measures

Important update on the corona measures

A big setback! Unfortunately, due to corona government measurements, from Wednesday 10 pm it is prohibited to host group classes with an instructor. In principle, this measure applies for two weeks, which means that during this period there are no yoga and Athletic classes with an instructor at mac. Don't worry: we have all kinds of solutions so that you can keep working out, both at mac and via a livestream!


First of all, it is important to say: it is still allowed to work out in our fitess area (gym). All members - even if you only have a yoga or Athletic membership - can use the facilities in our fitness area for the time being! However, it is more important than ever to register in advance via the reservation system! Of course, our instructors will help you with all your questions. If you would like advice or a training schedule, just make an appointment at our front desk.

In the group classroom it is possible to do a virtual training from Les Mills throughout the day (without a mac instructor). The trainings are Bodypump, GRIT, BodyCombat and CXWORX. The government allows groups of a maximum of two people to work out together. Multiple groups of two in a room are allowed. When there is a virtual training, we have room for four groups of two people. The distance between these groups is always more than 1.5 meters. You should certainly not mix with another group. You don't necessarily have to bring someone with you to form a group together. You must also register in advance for a virtual training!

It is possible to use a Spinning bike for a maximum of 45 minutes in the Spinning room. There will be continuously exciting music on, so you can do your own spinning training (without an instructor). If you want to do this, you must register in advance. In addition, the Small Group room is open to train too. Of course, always stay 1.5 meters away from other members. It is also necessary to reserve a spot for this room.

Online classes
Every day we will be streaming various group classes online. For Athletic there will be Bodytraining, BBB, SOW and GRIT (Cardio & Athletic). We also teach online yoga (Power Yoga, Pilates, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga). There are online classes in the morning and evening. For the streams of the Athletic classes, it is possible to have a maximum of two members participate per training at mac present. Please note: you will then be in the picture during the stream. Do you want to participate? Send an email to

How does it work?
You can reserve your spot for an online class through the reservation system. You participate by clicking on the online class in the timetable before the start and then on the blue block ‘Online class’. Then you will be directed to the next page, with ‘Launch meeting’. Click on this blue block. You will then automatically get a connection with mac via Zoom. The best thing is to follow an online class via your computer or iPad. So instead of doing a class at mac, you do the class online. If you have any questions about online classes, please contact us on 043 325 8179! The schedule for the online classes will be posted on the site soon.