Working out inside mac SportsClub is allowed again! This is what you should know!

Working out inside mac SportsClub is allowed again! This is what you should know!

Finally, the time has come! From Wednesday, May 19, it is again allowed to work out indoors! We will of course also open our doors. In order to make your workout as safe and smooth as possible, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Work out in the fitness room
Every hour, up to 15 members are welcome in our fitness room. Just like for the outdoor gym, we work with time slots. A time slot lasts 50 minutes and starts on the hour from Monday to Sunday. A reservation for a time slot - bookable via the app or site under the header ‘Fitness’ - is mandatory! It is possible to reserve a time slot every day. If you have a reservation, please arrive at mac SportsClub at the earliest FIVE minutes before the start. This way, the departing group has plenty of room to leave the building.

Athletic group classes
Group classes are not yet allowed indoors. Instructors are allowed to teach indoor to a maximum of two people at the same time. It is also allowed - under strict conditions - to give instructions to several pairs at the same time. In our group classroom we will create the opportunity to teach in this way. We also have some group classes in the tents at the back of mac SportsClub. Check the timetable for all options and the starting times. The group classes are only for members who have Athletic classes in their membership.

Yoga group classes
Yoga group lessons are also not allowed inside. Outside we will teach some yoga classes. These take place in the playground of the nearby primary school. In addition, we will continue to offer yoga classes online.

Virtual classes
In the timetable you will find virtual classes, such as Bodypump Virtual and GRIT Virtual. You can join these training sessions from a large screen in the group classroom. So there is no mac instructor present. The starting times and the possibility to book will be in the app and on the site.

Personal training
Good and bad news about the personal training. Saturday is the last day that we will have these trainings. But fortunately: the personal training will not disappear completely! It will soon be possible to do this type of training again, albeit at a small additional cost on your membership. Be sure to keep an eye on our communication channels to learn more.

Current opening hours
We are open Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 10 pm, on Friday from 8 am to 9 pm and in the weekend from 9 am to 3 pm.

Changing rooms and sauna
The changing rooms and saunas will remain closed. So change your clothes at home!

A lock is mandatory
You can leave your (valuable) belongings in one of our lockers. You can find these lockers opposite the front desk. You have to use a lock to close a locker. You can bring your own or buy it at our front desk. It is not allowed to bring bags, coats, etc. into the fitness or group classroom.

Lockdown membership
The lockdown memberships were special, limited-time plans. We will stop offering this type of membership. From now on, we will offer regular and student memberships again. We will contact all members with a lockdown membership shortly. Together we can discuss the options for a regular or student membership.