Cardio or strength training: with what do you start?

Cardio or strength training: with what do you start?

It’s like a ritual for many of our members: first doing some cardio training on the treadmill or the spinning bike, and then do some strength training. But you know what? It’s better to train the other way around!

Scientists at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland discovered that athletes who do strength training first and then cardio, recover much faster from their efforts. The researchers came to this conclusion after they had two groups of men do a workout: one group started on the spinning bike, the other with strength training. The order of training was changed the next time.

Faster recovery
During 48 hours after the training, the scientists analyzed the athletes. The men who started with strength training had less creatine kinase in their blood. This indicates they suffered less muscle damage during the workout. Also, the concentration of testosterone in their blood was higher. That indicates their recovery will be faster.

Warm up is essential
So if you come to work out at mac, it is more functional to start with strength exercises and then step on a treadmill or a spinning bike! But a warm up is essential before every training! A few minutes of running or cycling and then some stretching, will make your body stronger and better prepared for the real efforts you are about to do.

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