Information coronavirus at mac SportsClub and mac Yoga

Information coronavirus at mac SportsClub and mac Yoga

Unfortunately, there have also been cases of the coronavirus in Maastricht. To try to prevent further spread, mac SportsClub and mac Yoga introduce various measures. We ask you to read them carefully and to comply with it!


- Members who have recently been in risk areas such as Italy, China and South Korea are requested to be reluctant in visiting mac.

- We ask members who have symptoms of illness, such as colds and fever, to stay at home. mac has the right to request members with illness symptoms to leave.

- Before members visit the gym or yoga studio, they must wash their hands.

- After the use of any material in the gym, members must clean them with paper and detergent (present in the gym).

- So after a group lesson, members have to clean all materials. That means every plate, barbell, bike, and so on.

- Members mutually and with instructors no longer have high five's.

- Use your towel emphatically with your workout.

- Members can only participate in a yoga class with their own yoga mat.

- Follow our website, Facebook and Instagram for the latest news about the coronavirus at mac.

Many thanks for your cooperation!