Jumping Fitness: the training you should really try!

Jumping Fitness: the training you should really try!

Jumping Fitness (on a trampoline) is not only one of the most fun classes at mac SportsClub, it is also one of the most effective! Did you know that during a Jumping class you put more than 400 muscles to work? That is much more than you do during other endurance classes. You are still not sure if you would like to try the class with our instructor Jorge? Here are some reasons why you should really try Jumping!

Yes, you will undoubtedly feel the workout after the class. But that’s only a good thing! By regularly participating in Jumping Fitness, you’ll create a firm body. Belly, legs, booty: you train it all. The exercises are very dynamic, so that makes this High-Intensity Training perfect to work on your endurance. You will be jumping on the trampoline during the entire class.


In higher spirits
Jumping Fitness is a class for young and old! It does not matter if you are a well-trained athlete or if it is your first time on the trampoline. Everyone can participate at his or her level. Moreover, the exercises and jumps on the trampoline are relatively easy to learn, so you’ll quickly get the right routine. But above all: Jumping is a lot of fun! With his enthusiasm and with the help of uplifting music, our instructor Jorge will bring you in high spirits every class. In this case literally!

The starting times
There is a Jumping Fitness class every Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm and Thursday at 20.15 pm!




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