Will you join our Outdoor Spinning?

Will you join our Outdoor Spinning?

Outdoor Spinning. You may think: ‘No, I really don't feel like doing that it! Too cold, you get soaking wet from the rain and it is not fun at all!’ Wrong! Outdoor Spinning - as you can now do in groups of up to four at mac SportsClub - is just great!

First of all: after so many months of lockdown measures, we are happy that it is possible to spin again - albeit in small groups. The weather is not always perfect? We just have to take it for granted! You can dress properly for some rain by the way!

Outdoor Spinning has more advantages: you breathe in fresh air. If you are not a fan of air conditioning, this is ideal. In addition, the chance of a corona infection outside is much smaller than inside. And what could be better than spinning together with (a small number of) others to sweeping music?

Do you also want to get started on the Spinning bike again? And get a weekly personal training? Or you would like to do your own training in one of our tents? That's possible at mac SportsClub!

Click here for more info: bit.ly/3tiis9c