Work out at mac Open Air 2.0!

Work out at mac Open Air 2.0!

mac Open Air is back! Just like last summer, we created a beautiful outdoor gym around our building at Brusselsestraat 74A, with a squat rack, a bench press, a back-extension bench, a biceps curl weight bench, a rowing machine and a bike. Of course, our heavy weights and the dumbbell rack have also been moved outside. mac Open Air is the perfect place for (heavy) strength training!

There are also punching bags in the adjacent tent, and there are steps and Les Mills barbell sets. With this equipment you can perfectly do your own Bodypump or GRIT training, for example with a recorded class from our community. You book a spot in the reservation system by clicking on ‘Train in the tent’. A maximum of four members are allowed per time slot. You reach mac Open Air 2.0 by walking into the alley at Brusselsestraat 58.

Yoga Garden and Spinning
You can also do an individual training session in the garden of the yoga studio. There are barbells and weights available. A spot can be booked under the header ‘Train in yoga garden’ in the reservation system. The location is Brusselsestraat 56. We also having Spinning sessions under the guidance of an instructor. A maximum of four members can participate per session. You can find the starting times in the app or the reservation site.

Personal training
Of course, it is still possible to do a weekly personal training under the guidance of Angela, Ted, Navanjo or Shanice. You can choose from Strength & Cardio or HIT Box-Kick. The sessions are in one of two tents, with a maximum of one other member. You can book a session yourself via the app or the website, from exactly one week before the training starts.

Online classes
We will continue with our online lessons too. Don't want to go out the door, but you would still like a good sweat? Just join an online BBB, Bodytraining, HIT or Bodypump. Our yoga classes, such as Easy Flow, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates and Yin Yoga, are still online.