mac SportsClub organizes a healthy quest!

mac SportsClub organizes a healthy quest!

Do you sometimes long back to your childhood? The time you fill your days with doing fun things. For example, with doing a quest? In that case, we have some amazing news!

mac SportsClub will bring you back to your younger years! On Sunday, April 11, we are having a healthy quest through the city park! With an instructor and a maximum of one other participant, you will do various sports tasks along the way. The duo that performs the tasks best wins a great prize! Moreover, you can enjoy various healthy treats during the quest.

The first duo will start on April 11 at 9 am at the entrance of mac SportsClub. Subsequently, the next duos leave every ten minutes. After your registration, we will provide you with an exact departure time. That way you do not have to wait too long at our front gate.

The healthy quest is perfect for the whole family! Of course, you can bring your children along! Their participation is free. Adults pay € 5. The proceeds go to Nationaal Ouderenfonds. You can register by emailing quest will take place with a minimum of ten participating pairs.

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