Back at mac: BBB (Belly, Butt, Legs)!

Back at mac: BBB (Belly, Butt, Legs)!

If you have been a member of mac SportsClub for a number of years now, then the class will be very familiar to you: BBB or - in English - Belly, Butt, Legs. After numerous requests, the class is now back on our schedule!

What is a BBB workout?
There are so many different exercises if you want to train your belly, butt and legs. A BBB class is therefore never the same. In any case, there are always strength exercises with which you train the muscles in all of these three body parts. Also, your will get more fit because of the cardio exercises that are done.

Who should do BBB?
You may think a BBB class is for women only. That is totally wrong! This training is also very effective for men. Because you can do the exercises at your own pace, BBB is suitable for participants of all ages. Do you want to train extra intense? Just increase the intensity. Do you want to train a little less intense but still effective? That is also possible with BBB.

When is BBB?
For the time being, we have three BBB classes on our schedule: on Monday evening at 9.15 pm, on Tuesday evening at 8.15 pm and on Wednesday morning at 9.30 am. The classes are led by Shanice or Daniella. Don't have time to come to mac or is the class fully booked? BBB can often be followed online too. Check our online class schedule to see when this is the case.

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