New corona rules at mac SportsClub

New corona rules at mac SportsClub

Due to the increasing number of corona infections, the Dutch government is taking strict measures. mac also has to deal with these rules. That is why we are forced to make some changes to our house rules.


What will change on Wednesday 14 October at 6 pm?
- The government allows a maximum of 30 people to be present inside (excluding employees). For mac, this number consists of a combination of members in our fitness and the group classroom. If there is a group class with a maximum of 16 members, then of course fewer members can use the fitness. Our urgent advice is: if you want to work out in our fitness, just come when there is no group class in progress (for example, at the end of the morning and the beginning of the afternoon). For everyone's safety, we keep the maximum number of members who can work out in the fitness at the same time at 20 people at all times.

- If you participate in a group class (Athletic or yoga) or if you have booked a timeslot in the gym, you can be at mac no more than ten minutes before the start. After a class or workout in the gym, you must leave mac as soon as possible. Hanging around and socializing is not allowed at the moment.

- Working out in the fitness room is possible for one hour per day. Really arrive at the booked time. For example, if you have booked a spot for 6 pm, you can work out until 7 pm. If you arrive later, you will have lesser time to work out. Our instructors will let everybody know towards the end of a timeslot that a change of guard is imminent.

- From now on you can participate in one group class per day. If you participate in a group class and it appears that the next class is not full, you can still join.

- Due to the limited number of spots in our group classes and the gym, we will be stricter towards members who do not cancel. The first time we will give a warning, then we charge 5 euros each time if you have a no-show. We take this measure with pain in our hearts. Unfortunately, more and more members register, but still do not come. If they do this, they dupe others who would have liked to take their spot. You can unsubscribe up to two hours before the start.

- Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory. If you do not wear a mouth mask, you will not be able to access our facilities. You can also buy a mouth mask at our front desk for 1 euro.

- The changing rooms, showers and sauna are closed.

All these measures have been taken to guarantee the safety of all mac members as much as possible. Of course, we hope that everyone is and stays healthy!