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  • Do you want to lose weight or learn to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Then sign up for our Fit & Fatloss Program! If you start now, you can borrow a barbell set for free. With that you can participate in our online classes en the one classes by Les Mills. You also have a weekly personal training outside.

  • You don't feel like waiting for days for your sports delivery by Amazon or Then buy your yoga mat, yoga bag, sports mat or tube directly at mac SportsClub! Send an email to and you can pick up your order almost immediately.

  • Working out during the lockdown is possible with a special membership at mac SportsClub! For only € 49.50 per four weeks, you get a weekly personal training in the open air (45 minutes, maximum two participants per session) and you join all our online classes (Athletic & yoga). The membership can be canceled monthly.

  • Would you like to join all our online Athletic and yoga classes for free during the lockdown? Just get a membership (minimum of twelve weeks) for our fitness, Athletic classes and/or yoga. Of course, this membership starts as soon as we can reopen our doors! You already have a membership for just € 38.50 every four weeks!

  • Keep working out during the lockdown with the mac SportsClub Online membership! Every day we stream live Athletic classes, such as Bodytraining, Bodypump, HIT Training, Elderly workouts, Body Attack, Small Group Training/Box-Kick and Belly, Butt & Legs! For the yoga fans we have Power Yoga, Pilates, Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

  • With the days getting shorter and colder, we can imagine that you don't feel like going out the door. Fortunately, you can also do a workout at home! In addition to the live streamed classes, more and more classes can also be watched in replay via our community.

  • We are having a party! For the second year in a row, mac SportsClub has won a Gold Award at the Dutch Fitness Awards! A fitness club receives this award if voters rate you 9 or higher. We even got an average of 9,46!

  • You can store your jacket, bag and other belongings in one of our lockers. Unfortunately, we notice that not everyone uses a lock. As a result, other members are sometimes opening locker after locker, but each time they find an already filled one. Of course, we also do not want your belongings to be stolen.

  • Have you always dreamed of a career as a group class instructor? But you don't know how or where to start? mac SportsClub offers you the opportunity to make your dream come true!


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