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  • Do you know you can have a free hour of coaching by one of instructors, if you have a regular (student) membership? So, if you would like to have a training schedule? Or would you like to know better how to use our machines? Or would just like to have some tips from an instructor? In that case, make an appointment at our front desk!

  • NEW! From now on, you can join our great yoga classes from home with our mac Yoga Online membership! For just 25 euros per month you can participate unlimitedly in our online yoga classes, which are streamed directly from our beautiful studio.

  • mac Yoga organizes the workshop ‘Increasing your self-esteem’ on Sunday 22 November. It may sound a little unlikely, but you can do that during your sleep! Our teacher Floor welcomes you from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm for a special Yoga Nidra session, in which all you have to do is lie down and listen to her voice. During the workshop you go deeper and deeper in your meditation, until you experience a deep sense of relaxation.

  • You don’t have the time (or desire) to come to a group class at mac, but you still want to work out or do yoga? Then we have the perfect solution for you. mac is going to stream some of the group classes online, only for members! You can participate in these classes in our gym or yoga studio, or you follow them live via your computer or smartphone.

  • Of course, we would like you to be able to participate in your favorite group class. For this you sometimes have to make a reservation very early. It is possible that sometimes your plans have to change during the day. The booking system is designed in such a way that you can unsubscribe up to two hours before the start. After that, this can no longer be done via the system

  • Did you gain a lot of extra weight during your holiday? Time to get rid of them! With the eight-week Fit & Fatloss Program from mac SportsClub you will get fitter and you lose weight! If you want a healthier lifestyle, our certified coaches will of course be happy to help you!

  • A new yoga class at mac SportsClub! Our new instructor Aniko will start with Spine Yoga on Sunday 6 September at 9.30 am. In this class you will come into contact with all the basic poses that you encounter in the different yoga classes. An ideal class to start with yoga!

  • Good news for all sauna lovers! Our sauna is reopening! From September 9th, it is possible to use one of the saunas. For everyone's safety, there can only be two people in the sauna at a time.

  • You forgot your lock for one of our free lockers? Don't worry! From now on you can buy a strong lock at our front desk for just 3,50 euros!


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