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  • mac Open Air is back! Just like last summer, we created a beautiful outdoor gym around our building at Brusselsestraat 74A, with a squat rack, a bench press, a back-extension bench, a biceps curl weight bench, a rowing machine and a bike. Of course, our heavy weights and the dumbbell rack have also been moved outside. mac Open Air is the perfect place for (heavy) strength training!

  • Verlang jij soms terug naar je kindertijd? De tijd dat je je dag kon vullen met leuke dingen. Met een speurtocht bijvoorbeeld? Dan hebben we geweldig nieuws! Met mac SportsClub ga je voor een keertje terug naar je vroege jaren! Op zondag 11 april organiseren......

  • Outdoor Spinning. You may think: ‘No, I really don't feel like doing that it! Too cold, you get soaking wet from the rain and it is not fun at all!’ Wrong! Outdoor Spinning - as you can now do in groups of up to four at mac SportsClub - is just great!

  • From next Monday, it is allowed to train outside in groups of four (plus instructor). We consider this the sign to start Spinning again! The sessions are on the terrace next to mac SportsClub! You can reach this place by walking through the iron gate, halfway between mac SportsClub and mac yoga.

  • We are (partially) open! Yes, it is true. You can really work out again at mac SportsClub. The best news is: you can come several times a week!

  • It will be below zero for the next few days too. That shouldn't stop you from doing a personal outdoor training session with us. Here are some tips for working out in the cold!

  • “Every disadvantage has an advantage,” a wise man from Amsterdam once said. Due to the corona crisis, gyms are forced to close, but as a result many sports members of mac SportsClub are experiencing the added value of personal training for the first time! You haven’t done a FREE, weekly personal training at mac yet? Or are you considering joining us? Here are some reasons why you shouldn't wait any longer!

  • Do you want to lose weight or learn to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Then sign up for our Fit & Fatloss Program! If you start now, you can borrow a barbell set for free. With that you can participate in our online classes en the one classes by Les Mills. You also have a weekly personal training outside.

  • You don't feel like waiting for days for your sports delivery by Amazon or Then buy your yoga mat, yoga bag, sports mat or tube directly at mac SportsClub! Send an email to and you can pick up your order almost immediately.


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