Ready to lose the extra holiday kilos? Join our Fit & Fatloss Program

Ready to lose the extra holiday kilos? Join our Fit & Fatloss Program

Some people are eagerly awaiting their upcoming holiday; others are already back home from their trip. Is your vacation already over and you’re back in your normal rhythm? To those people: did you add some extra kilos during the holidays? Fortunately, mac SportsClub can help you lose that extra weight. For everybody that wants a fitter and stronger body, we have the successful Fit & Fatloss Program.

‘Is the Fit & Fatloss Program the right program for me?’, we sometimes hear. The answer to that is always ‘YES’! During the eight-week program you’ll work on reaching your personal goals at your own level. We work in small groups and you’ll train at least three times a week. Our instructors will give you the personal attention you deserve.

Healthy diet
It is probable that eating too much (unhealthy) food is the main reason that you added the extra kilos during your holiday. To become fitter and lose weight, it’s important to start a healthier diet. That is why we make a food schedule, precisely made for your situation. We offer various specialized diet programs, such as high-protein, gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, vegan and vegetarian. Of course, the diet is adjusted to your unique resting metabolism, which – of course – we measure.

Would you like to know more or participate in the Fit & Fatloss Program? That is possible! Then stop by at our front desk, call 043 – 325 81 79 or send an email to


  • Join minimum 3 training classes a week (weekly)
  • Coaching (once every two weeks)
  • Body measuring: bodyweight, fat percentage and muscle mass (weekly)
  • Food schedule (weekly)

Training hours

Monday 7 – 7.45 p.m.

Wednesday 7 – 7.45 p.m.

Saturday 10 – 11 a.m.



Tuesday 6 – 6.45 p.m.

Thursday 7 – 7.45 p.m.



  • Single payment: € 359,00
  • Or payment by 4 installments: € 89.75


Food programs

  • basic
  • basic easy (less variation, easier, short shopping list)
  • diabetes
  • rich in protein
  • glute free
  • lactose intolerance
  • natural
  • paleo
  • pescotarian (no meat, yes to fish)
  • vegan
  • vegetarian