This is why you should do the FREE personal training at mac!

This is why you should do the FREE personal training at mac!

“Every disadvantage has an advantage,” a wise man from Amsterdam once said. Due to the corona crisis, gyms are forced to close, but as a result many sports members of mac SportsClub are experiencing the added value of personal training for the first time! You haven’t done a FREE, weekly personal training at mac yet? Or are you considering joining us? Here are some reasons why you shouldn't wait any longer!

1. Faster results
After the holidays it is usually buzzing in the gyms. Many people then intend to lose the extra kilos. But due to the lockdown, people mainly sit at home on their couch. You probably won’t get fitter by doing that. Fortunately, with our personal training you become and stay fit! With our personal trainers you also have faster results. It has been shown that working out with a personal trainer improves your cardio more than working out alone. Simply, because a personal trainer is focused on results and motivates you up to the limit.

2. The right techniques
In a full group classroom, it is sometimes difficult for the instructor to check if the exercises are done with the right technique. But with our personal trainers that will change, because they are only focused on you! This is - for instance - perfect for our Box-Kick personal training classes!

3. Work out on your own way
Everyone has their own training goals and wishes. You can always indicate them to our personal trainers, so that we can adjust the training to your level. Of course, we also take any physical inconveniences into account. Also, with a personal training you will achieve the maximum results and no doubt, the session will bring you extra satisfaction.

Join us too!
All members with a sports membership (Gym, Athletic and Combi) can book a weekly personal training session at mac SportsClub. This training takes place outside. You train with a maximum of one other member. Naturally, the RIVM guidelines are strictly adhered to. Changing rooms are therefore closed and you must always keep 1,5 meters away from others. The materials used are being cleaned after each session.

Not a member yet?
Non-members are also welcome to do our our personal training during the lockdown. For only € 49.50 per four weeks, you have the special Lockdown membership. This also gives you access to all our (live) online classes (Athletic & Yoga). If working out inside is allowed again during the membership period, you will of course get access to our indoor facilities for the remaining period. The Lockdown membership can be canceled monthly. Mail for more info or registration to