This is why twists in Yoga are good for you!

This is why twists in Yoga are good for you!

During a yoga class you do many twisted exercises. That is why we name them twists. There are all sorts of reasons why these twists are good for you. Here are some! 

First of all, twisting helps to keep our spine mobile and therefore promotes our back health. Our spine is rotated, and the muscles are being stretched. If we do not employ our natural range of movement regularly our joints harden and can even fuse.By twisting our spine regularly and extending our muscles to their full capacity we can counteract this tendency.

Twists also function as neutralizing poses. Especially after a sequence of intense back-bending or forward-bending we can neutralize the built-up tension within our back by twisting. If you do twists correctly, they engage the center of our body, working the abdominals, the obliques, the muscles that support the movement of our spine, the shoulders, pelvis, neck, et cetera.

Aiding digestion is another big benefit of twists. With that it is meant that twists stimulate the movement in and around our organs which in turn helps the food to be moved.

Two kinds of twists
Generally, there are two kinds of twisting in Yoga. In the first one your upper body is stabilized while lying on the floor and you initiate the twist mainly in the lower part of your spine by rotating the pelvis and the legs. Here it is important to keep your core stable and make sure your shoulders remain grounded. In the other type of twisting we are either sitting or standing and the twist starts by lengthening our whole spine and moving into a twist from there. Here we engage our abdominals to stabilize our pelvis and keep support in the lower back.

The best way to learn about all the benefits of twisting is to experience them yourself! Learn the different approaches of our Yoga teachers and do come along to one of our classes.