We are (partially) open!

We are (partially) open!

We are (partially) open! Yes, it is true. You can really work out again at mac SportsClub. The best news is: you can come several times a week!

Outside gym

Recently we opened our mini gym in a tent a behind the building. From now on there is even a second location for individual workouts: in the garden of our yoga studio. Unlike in the tent, there you will only find barbells, steps, all kinds of (heavy) weights for strength training and there is a bench. Only in the tent are punching bags, a rowing machine and the biceps machine. If you are a fan of Spinning, you will also love it at mac now! Around our buildings we have placed two Spinning bikes. You can book a spot, bring your own device, stream an online Spinning class and create your own workout.

Sports members are allowed to work out individually in the tent or yoga garden and/or do spinning twice a week. Also, you can have a weekly personal training session (Strength & Cardio or HIT Box-Kick) with one of our instructors. In case you already did two individual and one personal training during a week and you still would like to come more often? Check the schedule if there are free spots for a time slot that will be within a few hours and give us a call. Perhaps we can squeeze you in!

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