Why free nutritional advice by our Axel is good for you!

Why free nutritional advice by our Axel is good for you!

Perhaps the word ‘dietician’ reminds you of someone who helps you lose weight. That is indeed one of the many qualities of a dietitian. But the expert in nutrition and health does so much more! There is a good chance that you too will benefit from a meeting with a dietician. As a member of mac SportsClub, you can do that for free!

Axel has been with us every Tuesday evening for some weeks now. All mac members can schedule an appointment with him and ask all their questions about nutrition and health. Axel can help you, for example, with advice on losing or gaining weight. You can also contact him if you have a food allergy, want to eat vegan in a healthy way. Moreover, a dietitian helps (top)athletes to perform better by improving their diet.

Personal advice
During the (first) meeting, Axel would like to know more about current your situation: what do you want to achieve? Which improvements would you like to make? What do you normally eat during the day? With the answers to these and many other questions, Axel makes a recommendation that suits your personal situation. Ultimately, you can (hopefully) adapt to a healthy diet with his help.

Make an appointment
Do you want to make an appointment with Axel? That is possible of course! Come to our front desk and schedule an appointment. Of course, you can also call 043 325 81 79 or send an email to info@macmaastricht.nl. Axel’s advice is completely free for mac members.

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