Working out together: great fun and very effective!

Working out together: great fun and very effective!

Going to the gym with a friend or someone you love: how nice is that? It’s always great fun to work out together! Time flies when you are with somebody and – of course – photos of the two of you will certainly do well on Instagram! And, also very important: exercising together is very effective!

If you are doing sports with someone, no doubt you’ll train harder and push yourself to the limit. Of course, you don’t want to see your friend do those extra push-ups or run more minutes on the treadmill. So the good news is: the more you work out, the more calories you burn and the faster you become fitter. This is a win-win situation! Another advantage of a joint training is that you learn new things faster. Maybe your partner does some effective exercises that you do not yet know, and your friend can convince you to try them too. No doubt you’ll train muscle groups that you didn’t know you had.


Some people don’t need extra motivation to come to the gym. Others do. In that case, training with someone can help. Simply because you don’t want to disappoint your partner by canceling! And just think about how good you’ll feel at the end of the training session, while you are having a (sports)drink together!

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On Valentine’s Day (February 14), all our members can bring a loved one (partner, friend, parent, sibling, etc.) to mac SportsClub for free. Together you can use all our facilities and participate in all group classes (Athletic, Body & Mind and Virtual). No doubt it will be very nice to work out together!