Workshop 'Increasing your self-esteem on November 22

Workshop 'Increasing your self-esteem on November 22

mac Yoga organizes the workshop ‘Increasing your self-esteem’ on Sunday 22 November. It may sound a little unlikely, but you can do that during your sleep! Our teacher Floor welcomes you from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm for a special Yoga Nidra session, in which all you have to do is lie down and listen to her voice. During the workshop you go deeper and deeper in your meditation, until you experience a deep sense of relaxation. If you would like to join, send an email to or send an stop by at our front desk. Participation costs 20 euros for members en 30 euros for non-members.

What will you do during the workshop? Floor will learn you to manifest yourself and set intentions, you do breathing exercises, you use visualization techniques, and you do self-hypnosis and priming. And probably the most important thing: you experience a deep sense of relaxation!

Back to herself
Floor Dehing-Schmeiz is specialized in the translation of ancient wisdom into our modern world. When she became a mother, her whole life changed. The biggest challenge: How can I find balance as a working mother? How can I be a good mother, partner, manager but also at the same time be myself? A four year quest followed, but she found the answers to her questions. The first time she practiced Yoga Nidra something happened. It felt like magic. Unfortunately, all of the stress from the past years had built up. She seemed to have a post-natal anxiety disorder and an overly stimulated system. With the help of Yoga Nidra she returned back to herself step by step. This sounds easy, but of course it wasn't.


Deep power within

Her philosophy is that every one of us carries a deep power within. We often face stress, too busy calendars, insecurity, being stuck in old patterns and we have our own inner criticizing attitude. She faced all of them and managed to step back into the light. Now it is her passion to support people in that same process. Floor works from the sub-conscious as she believes that this is where our real power is.


Your story

Floor is a certified Yoga Nidra teacher. She is also an optimal performance trainer, as she teaches people to get results with their hearts. She has also taken various courses with, among others, Kamini Desai, Ziva Meditation for performance, Mind5 Optimal Performance Training, Yogaplace therapeutic adjustment training and energy coach Jeffrey Allen. Floor is down-to-earth and open. In the past she wanted to become a journalist and she still likes to tell stories. Her voice is experienced as 'very special' by her students. She will also encourage you to embrace your own story.