This way you work out the right way in the cold!

This way you work out the right way in the cold!

It will be below zero for the next few days too. That shouldn't stop you from doing a personal outdoor training session with us. Here are some tips for working out in the cold!

1. Dress properly
It is obvious, but so important! Dress in layers, so you can put clothes on or off. A thermal shirt also works wonders. If you get cold feet quickly, thicker sports socks are a must have. Please note that these are of good quality. After all, you don't want to get blisters from the wrong socks...

2. Drink enough
You may not think about when it’s ¬cold but drink enough during and after the workout. That ensures that your moisture content remains in order. After all, you also sweat when it is cold, especially when you wear warm clothes. If you do not drink enough, this will be at the expense of your performance.

3. Breathe through your nose
Many people fear a burning sensation in their body after working out in the cold. This can be prevented! That feeling is usually caused by breathing through your mouth, which filters the cold air far less. The alternative is quite simple: breathe through your nose! Then the air is filtered more and therefore warms up in your body. How do you put that into practice? Cover your throat, for example with a scarf. This way your throat stays nice and warm. In addition, try not to train so hard that you get out of breath, because this will make it harder for you to breathe through your nose.

4. Wear outdoor shoes with sufficient grip
During our personal training sessions outside you train on a special floor. Yet it is not excluded that it can be smoother than you are used to inside. You could slip faster than you think! Therefore, wear sports shoes with sufficient grip.