Tired? Straight away to the gym!

Tired? Straight away to the gym!

It will probably sound familiar. After a busy day at university or the office you are happy to be home, and jump on your couch: your meal in the microwave, your shoes in the corner and watching your favorite series on Netflix. Going to the gym? You are way too tired for it. Tomorrow. Promised!

Doing sports gives you your energy back
Perhaps it seems a bit contradictory. ‘Doing sports gives you a boost of energy ’. Scientific research shows us that physical activity gives your body an endorphin rush. Your brain produces this hormone and it gives a euphoric feeling after an activity like sports. You’ll probably recognize this feeling of happiness after you fulfilled a hard training. There are also studies that prove doing sports regulates the balance of the stress hormones in your body. Doesn’t that sound great for all the people who feel tired because of stress?

Better sleep
Talking about being tired: scientists have shown that people who do sports at least 2,5 hours per week, will sleep much better if you compare them to people who don’t do sports at all. It is also a fact that regular physical exercise improves your physical condition. Also you are sick, weak or nauseous less often. And thanks to doing sports your concentration will increase, so you’ll feel better during work or study. Finally – and you’ll probably know about it – regular exercise will strengthen your body and mind.

Opposite effect
So there are lots of good reasons for going to the gym after you finished work or study. But be careful! Doing sports or training is important, but also how you do the training. Going crazy in the gym after a busy day at the office or school isn’t always that smart. It can even have an opposite effect. If your training intensity is way too high, it may increase your fatigue. A personal training schedule definitely helps in these cases.

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