Exam stress? This is how you deal with it!

Exam stress? This is how you deal with it!

Spending your whole day in the university library, deeply embedded in your textbooks and fully focused on the exams. You don’t have any time for eating decent food, sleep or exercise. The exam period can be so stressful. Therefore, some tips that hopefully reduce the stress.

Provide a good learning rhythm
Studying all day long is totally useless. At a certain point your brain will get tired and will no longer absorbs the words you read. Therefore it is necessary to take a break on a regular base.  Do something completely different, for example eating (healthy) food, meet with friends or exercise. Sports give you an energy boost, so it makes you feel energetic again.

Provide a good sleeping rhythm
Top athletes often say: ‘You win a match in bed’. A decent amount of sleep indeed makes you feel much fitter. It also helps you to concentrate better during times of studying and the exam. Eight hours of sleep a day is definitely recommended.

Do not fear the nerves
It is absolutely fine to have some nerves before your exam. Being nervous is human. Just let the nerves be there, don’t be afraid of them and certainly do not panic. If you accept the nerves and remain calm, you’ll notice that the nervousness also disappears. A yoga or mindfulness class will help you deal with your nerves in a good way.

Learn to put things in perspective
Try to put the importance of the exam in perspective. Just imagine: ‘What will happen if I fail the exam?’ Well, you’ll probably get another turn. Of course, an exam is important. But there are more important issues in life.  The well-being and health of you and your dearest family & friends for instance. How important is an exam if you compare it to that?

Do breathing exercises
Sometimes an exam yields so much stress that you start to hyperventilate, get abdominal pain or palpitations. By breathing quietly, very slowly and consciously, you become calmer and reduce the pain. This requires some practice, but can be of great value. Don’t forget: rest and oxygen are good for your body.

The conclusion?
Being a little bit nervous for an exam is not bad at all! But if you suffer from more stress, our tips will hopefully help you. We wish you good luck with your exams!