Stefano was shocked by his own picture

Stefano was shocked by his own picture

Stefano remembers the moment very precisely: “Recently I had to renew my passport”, the Brazilian (26) says. “When I saw the picture in my passport, I was shocked. My head was so big! That was the moment I thought: ‘I really have to do something about this’. My fat percentage was simply too high. By taking part in the mac Fit & Fatloss Program, I hope to lose some kilos and feel fitter.”

Last year Stefano moved to the Netherlands. First to study, but currently he works here. “In Brazil I used to do sports. Once in the Netherlands I didn’t do it anymore. As a result, I gained weight. Then my friends told me about mac. I thought it was a good idea to get a gym membership. But in the end, I rarely used it. In the gym you really need to know how to do the exercises. I didn’t know that. That’s why the Fit & Fatloss Program suits me, because I am coached. I try not to miss a class. I also want to keep going to the gym after this program. I already asked Constance how I can do that.”

Opens your eyes

An important aspect of the Fit & Fatloss Program is the food program you’ll get. “Thinking about what you eat is the most difficult part of the program. For example, as a student you eat irregularly and not always healthy. The food schedule made me more aware of what I consume. Often eating is a habit, without realizing that something is bad for you. This program really opens your eyes.”

Old habits

The most important question is: Does the Fit & Fatloss Program work for Stefano? “Yes, it does”, he says. “I have been doing it for a month now and I feel much better. I often exercise, eat healthier. The next step is not to fall back into old habits. I think this type of program really helps me. I think, you’d better participate in the Fit & Fatloss Program, in which you gradually lose weight, than in a program in which you lose a lot of weight during a short period of time.”

Join us!

Do you also want to start 2019 in a healthier and fitter way? Just join the next round of the Fit & Fatloss Program. It will start January 7! Registration is now open. If you’d like more information or would like to sign up, just call (043 325 8179) or e-mail ( us!