These fitties have successfully completed the program with an average reduced fat of 5% and have gained muscle mass!

FIT & FAT LOSS Program

The successful program in which you loose weight and gain strength with the help of personal trainers in order to reach your own personal body goals in 8 weeks!
You work in small groups to get the best results.

START NEW PROGRAM: 8 September 2018

The program contains:

- food schedule
- 3 or 4 hours of training in a small group
- weekly measuring bodyweight, fatpercentage and musclemass
- coaching once every two weeks

The following foodprograms are possible:

- basic
- basic easy (less variation, easier, short shoppinglist)
- diabetes
- rich in protein
- glute free
- lactose intolerance
- natural
- paleo
- New: pescotarian (no meat, yes to fish)
- vegan
- vegetarian