Five reasons why you can’t miss our Spinning Marathon!

Five reasons why you can’t miss our Spinning Marathon!

Spinning is one of the best known and most popular classes in a gym. You have probably sat at least once in your life on a spinning bike too! For all those spinning lovers, mac SportsClub organizes a Spinning Marathon on Friday 5 April, from 6 till 9 pm. Three hours of spinning, with exciting music and under the professional guidance of our instructors. Still not sure to participate? We give you five reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Spinning Marathon!

1. You burn a lot of fat
A spinning training is a great way to burn fats. Especially during the mac Spinning Marathon you will burn lots of calories! After about an hour and fifteen minutes of training, your carbohydrate reserves are almost empty, so your body starts to burn fats. Also, after such great efforts you will get a healthy appetite!

2. Good for the heart and vessels
Spinning is a great workout that focuses on your heart and vessels. First of all, the training makes your heart stronger. Spinning also increases your lung capacity, so that more oxygen can be absorbed. Moreover, the training stimulates your blood circulation, so that your muscles get a better blood flow. Also, your muscles will become more flexible and elastic. As a result, acidification and muscle pain occur less frequently.

3. Less chance to get injured
The chance of getting injured during spinning is small. On one condition of course, that you set up your bike correctly. If your saddle is adjusted too high or too low, it is more difficult to cycle properly. That means there is an increased chance of overloading your knee joint. If your bike is adjusted in the right way, spinning is an ideal recovery training after other efforts.

4. Accessible for everybody
If you’ve just started training or you are an experienced athlete, spinning is a great training for everybody on his or her own level! During the class you use the button on your bike, which you can turn to adjust the resistance during the training. Because spinning is so easily accessible, it is ideal to do it with all your friends. This way the training is not only effective, but also very enjoyable!

5. Good condition
If you regularly participate in a spinning training, you will undoubtedly notice that your fitness level is improving. That will make you feel more energetic and happier!

Register now!
Our Spinning Marathon is on Friday 5 April from 6 to 9 p.m. You can register at our front desk. The entrance fee is 5 euros. The revenue will be donated to the charity Alpe d’HuZes/KWF fund, so you are welcome to donate more! If you are not a member, you can also participate in the Spinning Marathon. When registering, you can tell us whether you will participate for one, two or three hours.