From too heavy to a trained sports freak

From too heavy to a trained sports freak

Recently he bought one of the mac spinning bikes, so he would be able to work out at home too. There can’t be better proof of Marc (30) being crazy about doing sports. Just think about this: He took part in the Fit & Fatloss Program, is a regular participant in the Bodypump and Spinning group classes and mac instructor Constance gives him personal training once a week. So much working out has given him great results. In over a year Marc lost no less than twenty kilos.

It was quite a transition. Not so long ago, Marc practically never worked out. Nowadays he spends many hours in the gym. “I always worked in the hospitality industry,” Marc explains. “So I used to walk a lot! But when I quit this job and moved behind a desk, I gained weight. I went from 60 to 80 kilos. Well, that is a big difference. My clothes didn’t fit anymore. That was the reason for me to start exercising and eat healthier. Not long before I had already quit smoking. At some point in life you have to make big choices. After all, you usually won’t get very old if you smoke and are overweight. ”

Achieve your goals
Marc loves working out now: “I started with the Fit & Fatloss Program. During the program I lost weight quickly and it was fun to participate. True, it took some time to get used to the intensity. After my first class I had to climb the stairs. I was thinking to myself: ‘How am I going to do this?’ But be patient, keep going on and after a few weeks it all went smoother. My advice to everyone who wants to lose weight is to just start! If you really want to achieve your goals, you can do that at mac.”

Better techniques
After the eight-week Fit & Fatloss Program, Marc continued to work out. Now he does Bodypump, Spinning and some virtual group classes. Lately he also started personal training with Constance. “In a group class you tend to go along with the flow,” Marc says. “As a result, you don’t always use the proper techniques during the classes. I wanted to do the right techniques. That is the main reason to start doing personal training. Moreover, working with a personal trainer provides additional motivation.”

Not that Marc needs much more motivation. “Working out is great fun. It gives me energy during the day and I also think the social aspect is important. How did my environment react to so many hours in the gym? When I quit smoking, people were already very surprised,” Marc laughs. “I recently bought a spinning bike at mac, which I use once or twice a week. I have had enough spinning classes to do my own training on the bike. And having a spinning bike at home, outside under the shelter is nice! If I can’t come to mac, I still have the opportunity to work out.”