Get your ‘Get ready for summer deal’ at mac!

Get your ‘Get ready for summer deal’ at mac!

Would you like to start the summer with a more toned body? mac SportsClub can help you with that! With our special deal ‘Get your body ready for summer’ you can work-out in our gym (with or without group classes) and/or follow classes in the Body & Mind studio. You can already workout at mac for just 100 euros (4 months membership, Gym Only)°! Sign up at our front desk, mail to or call 043 325 81 79.

A four months summer membership with full access to the gym and all Athletic classes (with an instructor and virtual) is just 139 euros°. Unlimited access to all classes for four months in our Body & Mind studio (yoga, Pilates and Bodybalance) is available for 159 euros°. A combination membership (four months unlimited access to the gym, the Athletic classes and Body & Mind classes) is 175 euros°. Every membership at mac gives you unlimited access to our sauna.

Would you like to have our ‘Get ready for summer membership’ and start the summer with a more toned and fitter body? But you aren’t in Maastricht in July and August? No worries! Even then you can take full advantage of this great deal! Subscribe for four months, stop it temporarily in the summer for two consecutive months and restart in September!

Of course, working-out is important if you want a more toned body. But it is only one side of the story. It is also necessary to adjust your diet. At mac SportsClub we are happy to help you with a Personal Food Plan! Nutritional advice is already available for 58 euros (every four weeks)!

°Entrance fee is 12,50 euro and the deposit for the membership card is 12,50 euro. After returning the membership card within 2 months the money of the deposit will be refunded.