Globetrotter Stephanie feels at home in the mac Yoga studio

Globetrotter Stephanie feels at home in the mac Yoga studio

In Maastricht mac is the perfect place to work out and follow classes in the Body & Mind studio. It’s also a great spot to meet people from all over the world. Our new yoga teacher Stephanie, for instance, grew up in Alaska, and via the east coast of the United States, Asia and Amsterdam she ended up in our great city. “I love travelling. But I am looking forward to settling and have a little routine here in my new house with my boyfriend”, our new Poweryoga and Yin Yoga teacher says.

Stephanie has been in Maastricht for a few weeks now and she already feels at home. “I am not a big city person”, the American says. “In Alaska there are three cities. I grew up on a small road and it took me 45 minutes on the bus to get to school. Living in Amsterdam was amazing, but chaotic. I want to live in a place with trees and nature. Maastricht is cozy and really international. I hear so many more people speak English compared to Amsterdam. I don’t think it will be hard to adapt to the Dutch way of life.”

Immediately hooked
Stephanie says she is an overthinker. “At first, yoga was a way to shape my body and do cool things on Instagram. But then I thought: ‘This is really helping me a lot mentally. Yoga helps me to become calmer. That brought me to the point that I wanted to teach people yoga myself. I am not the only person that does a lot of overthinking. Many of my family members do too. So, I decided to go to the yoga teacher training, and I was immediately hooked. At that moment in time, I was still working in sales. I was making a hundred phone calls a day. They were all scripted. Everything I said, it was the same all the time. And maybe only three out of a hundred people agreed to set up a meeting. The others were like no, no, no.”

Different style
So Stephanie came to the conclusion: “I do not want to do this my whole life. As soon as I got my yoga certificate, I quit my sales job which lasted over a year. I have been a yoga teacher since 2015 and during that year I was a personal trainer too. At mac I teach Poweryoga and Yin Yoga. My teaching style in Poweryoga is different than in Yin Yoga. In Poweryoga you can get a nice flow and be a bit Zen. Yin is super challenging in a more mental way. I invite everybody to join the classes!”

Starting times
Stephanie teaches Yin Yoga every Monday at 8.45 pm. Every Tuesday (7.30 pm) and Friday (6 pm) she will teach Poweryoga. Also, Stephanie will be a substitute teacher for some other classes in our Body & Mind studio.