HIIT Training: This is why to try!

HIIT Training: This is why to try!

Not everyone wants to spend hours in the gym. But do you want maximum results in very little time, then a High-Intensity Interval Training is definitely ideal for you! In a training session of a maximum of thirty minutes you’ll push yourself to the limit, for example during GRIT Strength and GRIT Athletic (check our schedule for the starting times).

During a HIIT training you alternate very intensive exercises with short periods of rest. The main goal is to get out of breath. If you feel you have enough energy to do another training afterwards, you clearly did not work hard enough. Yes, a HIIT training is tough and tiring. But the end result may be there! For instance, it will definitely improve your condition!

High calorie burn
A HIIT training is also perfect if you want to burn a lot of calories. This is due to the high intensity. If you perform the HIIT exercises in the right way, your heartrate will remain high for a long period of time. Moreover, your body needs longer to fully recover. This is called the EPOC effect (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). The after-burn is very high, according to some experts for up to 48 hours after your training.

Start carefully
Probably you think: ‘I want to do a HIIT Training!’ Great! But be aware: If you are not a trained athlete yet, don’t start at full power right away. If your cardio level is not that great, you run the risk of injury (for example due to overload). You can only increase the intensity if the training is becoming too easy for you. If you do a HIIT training with weights (like GRIT Strength), then it is very important to implement the techniques well. That is to prevent injuries. For learning the right techniques you could try a Bodypump class. It is also of great importance – even for advanced athletes – to insert sufficient rest days. HIIT is heavy, so you also need longer to recover.

Join for free!
If you want to try the ultimate HIIT training GRIT once for free, just come to mac when the GRIT Strength and GRIT Athletic classes are on the schedule! You don’t have to be a member of mac SportsClub to join! Only during this month (April 2019) you can participate for free!