Holding on to good intentions: how do you do it?

Holding on to good intentions: how do you do it?

It’s been a few weeks since 2019 started. You probably had some good intentions at the start of the new year, like going to the gym more often, lose weight or live healthier. So it’s time to ask yourself the question: how are you doing now? Perhaps these tips can help you achieve all your goals!

1. Make an action plan

Very good that you started to fulfill your goals! Probably you spent some hours in the gym already and ate healthier. But do you use a detailed schedule? It helps if you create structure by making an action plan and follow it as much as possible.

2. Stay realistic

It was an amazing idea: lose lots of weight, be in top shape and walk on the beach with a tight body. But it just hasn’t turned out the way you hoped it would be. That is why it’s important to set realistic goals, so you won’t get disappointed or discouraged. Did you achieve your first goals? Congratulations! Then it’s time to set a next, reachable goal!

3. Give yourself a reward

Doing sports more often, eat only healthy food and don’t drink any alcohol. Trying to live better requires an iron discipline. Especially after a while it is very important to reward yourself from time to time. You endured a heavy work-out: go see a movie. Or go out shopping, after a month without alcohol. It helps, no doubt!

4. Talk about your good intentions

Realizing your good intentions on your own isn’t easy. So that’s why it’s important to tell friends, family and colleagues at work about your plans. In difficult times they can provide you that extra bit of support. Perhaps they can even provide you with some extra tips. Their support will help you to get the results you want.

5. Hold on

We acknowledge it’s quite the challenge to live healthier. Especially at those difficult times, which you will undoubtedly face now and then. It’s also a fact that real change won’t come overnight. Often it takes weeks or months before something becomes a real habit. Until that moment: do not give up and always keep the final result in mind!

6. Don’t do way too much

It could be difficult to keep holding on, but there is also another extreme. Perhaps you started so enthusiastically, that eventually you do way too much: every free hour you work out in the gym or starve yourself. That is totally useless! If you do too much, the chance is you lose your motivation any given moment and you fall back in old habits.

7. Watch out for sabotage
Living a healthier life is totally your choice! What others think about that is entirely up to them. Ignore those who say you are not fun anymore, because you don’t drink wine on a night out. Or ignore that friend who says you don’t have to live healthier, because you are already beautiful now. So, don’t be distracted by people who try to sabotage all your good efforts.

Are you looking for more tips or extra help to live healthier? Contact us and we are happy to help you!