Instructor Angela: “In my classes, dancing and singing is required”

Instructor Angela: “In my classes, dancing and singing is required”

In Angela’s classes there are only two rules: “Everyone is required to sing and dance,” the instructor of Fitness Challenge and Sports for 50+ (SOW) says with a big smile. “I can’t sing or dance myself, but I still participate. During the class it can happen that someone starts rocking, and that the whole group participates. Just because it’s possible. Having fun is very important in my classes, but of course it is also about doing the exercises, because sports is so important if you want to become older in a healthy way.”

Angela has been working at Mac SportsClub for 17,5 years. Nowadays she is the face of the daytime classes, often involving members who are a little bit older. “Working with this group suits me best. These members find a personal approach very important. It is also a critical group and you first have to win their trust. Once you have that, you feel a lot of appreciation. But if they do not agree with something, they’ll tell you that right away. In the Maastricht dialect, haha.”


The Fitness Challenge and SOW are mainly a circuit training, in which Angela trains the whole body with all kinds of different exercises. “I like the freedom of this type of classes. For example, I don’t like Bodypump, a class in which you do the same thing for three months. Moreover, I have no sense of rhythm. In Bodypump I am always just a second late. That’s why I prefer to do the circuit training. It is quite a solid training, which shouldn’t be too complicated. Of course, as an instructor you have to check which exercises you do. Of the ten people who participate, ten have injuries. That is why there are always alternative exercises, so that everyone can participate.”

Keep doing sports

Some members have been coming to Angela’s lessons for fifteen years now. “I really see that members who started with us fifteen years ago, are much fitter than they were back then. My message to everyone is: It is so important to keep doing sports when you get older. That keeps you fit and healthy, and it makes your body stronger. For example, if you have back problems and you don’t work out, the pain will get worse. But if you do work out., you’ll strengthen your back. So join in one of my lessons!”

Angela teaches the Fitness Challenge every Monday and Friday (12.15 pm). On Wednesday (10.30 am) she teaches SOW (50+ Circuit Training).