Instructor Anna is crazy about Bodybalance

Instructor Anna is crazy about Bodybalance

There is hardly a better Bodybalance ambassador than Anna. Our instructor is crazy about this class. Like, really crazy! “When I was a member of a gym, I always joined Bodybalance. I mean, always”, she says with a smile. “For instance, I never skipped the last class of a release. Because I knew it would be the last time I was going to do it. After three months, I never got bored of a class. Although I was also very curious about the next release.”

It is by no means remarkable that Anna would eventually be a Bodybalance instructor. “My life was sports and nutrition, especially alternative nutrition. I also liked to meditate and at the age of 23, I started doing ballet. In retrospect, if I had known how much fun doing ballet is, I would undoubtedly have become a ballet dancer. In addition, I started practicing yoga and eventually I studied to become a yoga teacher. I also got my diploma for fitness instructor, so I could combine nutrition, sports and yoga. And then I found out about Bodybalance.”

What is it that attracts her to Bodybalance? Anna has to think about the answer for a second. Then she says: “It is the combination of Tai Chi, Pilates and yoga, all to music. In Bodybalance you will find pleasure and peace, and you work on your strength, explosiveness and core. Bodybalance makes me focus, and that gives me a great feeling. Personally, I would rather create peace within myself, instead of being exhausted. I love the movement and gracefulness in Bodybalance.”

New location
Anna has been teaching her favorite class every Friday night in our Body & Mind studio for a while now. Starting 2 September, all Bodybalance classes will be held in the big group class room at Brusselsestraat 74A. The starting time of the Friday evening class remains unchanged at 7 pm! From now on, members with an Athletic membership can also participate in Bodybalance.

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