‘Sometimes I still have a good glass of wine’

‘Sometimes I still have a good glass of wine’

He had a weekend trip to the French city of Lille and seven days later with friends to London. No doubt there were lots of temptations. “I am honest: I did drink some wine”, Jean-Luc laughs. He is one of the participants of the mac Fit & Fatloss Program. “Don’t worry, I compensated it by doing enough sports! I took a nine kilometers run and played squash too.”

“It’s going pretty well.” That is the message Jean-Luc wants to spread after four weeks in the program. Better than good. The intensive program to lose weight and become fitter is really paying off. “Already in the first week I lost two kilograms and my fitscore is 91. So yes, I am happy. Even after two weekends on the road I managed to fulfill the program. And yes, I was able to resist the English dish fish & chips. I don’t even like that! In the past I stayed in England for three months. During that period I tried fish & chips. It made me so sick. I instantly knew I would never eat it again.”

Enjoying life
During his time in France and England Jean-Luc did enjoy the good things in life. So he had some good food and drinks. “During Fit & Fatloss it is unnecessary to fast completely,” he explains. “For me the most important reason to participate in the program is becoming fitter. I don’t need to lose ten kilograms. So if you look at my eating behavior, it is all about reducing what I consume. That’s why I sometimes drink a glass of wine. But there are also moments I choose a glass of water. I someone asks why, I say: ‘I am doing the Fit & Fatloss Program’. Then they understand.”

A few weeks ago we asked Jean-Luc if he expected to fulfill the eight weeks of the Fit & Fatloss Program. He responded: ‘Ask that again at a later time’. So here it is: “It is still no problem to continue”, Jean-Luc says. “I love coming. The only difficult thing is to find time for doing sports. Like yesterday, I had a meeting with a client. It lasted until nine o’clock in the evening. That makes it difficult to come to the gym. When the program is finished, I’ll definitely keep on coming to small group training. Not three times a week, but like two times. That is how much I like it.”

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