Jorge: ‘Bodypump is like classical music, Jumping like jazz’

Jorge: ‘Bodypump is like classical music, Jumping like jazz’

Doing sports is in his DNA. His dad is a former professional football referee and his mother loves yoga and Pilates, so Jorge (27) seemed destined to follow in their footsteps: “Indeed, I did a lot of sports when I was young, such as athletics, running and football. But honestly, I hated sports because I was pushed a little too much. So when I reached sixteen, I quit. That changed two years ago, as a friend asked me to come to mac. I did Bodypump here and immediately loved it.”

Jorge is honest. When his friend asked to join him at mac, he was not immediately eager to do so. “My friend Noelia said that it was much more fun to go to the gym together. I answered to come along but was sure I wouldn’t like it at all. But then I started Bodypump. I had never done a class like that before! It was fun, and very good for my body and mind! So that’s why I kept coming. In January 2018 Constance said to me: ‘You are open and friendly. Would you like to work here as an instructor?’. I thought: ‘Why not?’. So now I teach Bodypump every Tuesday and Jumping every Saturday.”

Classical music and jazz

Jorge is currently studying at the conservatory in Maastricht. He thinks there are various parallels between being an instructor and making music. “I like to be in front of a group of people. I do that both as a musician and an instructor. I love motivating and pushing people in my class. Bodypump reminds me of classical music. For both, it’s completely told what you have to do. Jumping is more like jazz. As an instructor you have more freedom and you can improvise. Just like jazz.”

Future in sports?

The current and the next academic year Jorge will still be studying in Maastricht. “What will happen next? I do not know yet. Maybe I’ll stay in the Netherlands. I’ll have auditions in Maastricht and Groningen soon. Perhaps I can get a job in one of the orchestras. Music is my life. But I love teaching too. In the beginning I thought that teaching at mac would be something temporary. I’m not sure about that anymore. Perhaps I’m going to work in fitness as a professional too. In what way? I still have to think about that! But I have to say I feel very happy at mac. It’s so nice to be part of the mac family!”

Join Jorge every Tuesday at 6 p.m. for BodyPump. His Jumping class is every Saturday at 12.15 p.m.