Losing eighteen kilos: Ela proves it’s possible!

Losing eighteen kilos: Ela proves it’s possible!

Eighteen plates of one kilogram each. Stacked together it looks pretty impressive. Eighteen, it’s exactly the number of kilos that Ela (37) lost thanks to the Fit & Fatloss Program and several Personal Training sessions at mac. “I am quite satisfied with the end result”, Ela replies, when she looks at the pile. “A few years ago, I had the same weight as I have now. That makes it a bit difficult to really be proud of what I achieved, because I knew how it once was.”

Anyway: losing so much weight is quite an achievement. It is the first time a participant of the Fit & Fatloss Program managed to lose as much weight as Ela did (percentage wise). “How I did it? I have no idea! I think it was a big help I could manage to focus on the process entirely. My main goal was to live healthier, to feel better, to develop more muscle mass and not to get injured during sports. In the past I did a lot of yoga. Unfortunately, I got injured during yoga. That was the moment I knew: I have to change something. The big question was: how do I get a healthier body? The solution turned out to be joining the Fit & Fatloss Program and do Personal Training.”

Like coming to the gym

Not only did Ela lose a lot of excessive fat, at the same time she gained a lot of muscle strength. “I have gained about two, three kilos of muscles”, she says. “That is quite a lot. Now it is important to stay in this shape. In that I will succeed. There is a big difference with the past: nowadays I like to come to the gym. Five years ago, I would have never considered going to spinning or any other cardio class at all. That has changed. Whether I am satisfied with myself? I think so. It’s okay. I have not set new goals now. I am especially curious how it goes when I am not so focused on a diet. I’ll probably be more relaxed.”

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