Perhaps you already saw them at mac Sportsclub. A few weeks ago we welcomed Navanjo (18) and Ted (21) as our new interns. So here is a short introduction of them.

Gym and physiotherapy
Navanjo is in his third and final year of the CIOS (school for sports instructors), where he studies to become a personal training & health coach. “As soon as I have my diploma, I am planning to start the HBO study Physiotherapy”, Navanjo says. “It is my dream to own a gym and a physiotherapy practice at the same place. Feeling healthy is very important to me. If you have stress at school, you’ll lose that by doing sports. In addition to my school and my internship, I play football at RKSV Heer. At mac I would like to help our members in learning the basic techniques in fitness.”

Ted is ambitious too. Like Navanjo he goes to CIOS and studies to become a personal trainer. He also follows the optional course sports massage. “My dream is having my own gym and being a personal trainer”, Ted says. “And perhaps I will be giving sports massages there too. If I can do both, I can really help customers with physical problems. Next year I’ll also start a course to become a health coach, because I think living healthy is more than just doing some sports. My goal at mac is to learn as much as possible. I would like to grow in the profession of being a personal trainer and I’d like to show how I can lead group lessons in an enthusiastic way. I am really looking forward to my stay here.”