mac starts new class TRX

mac starts new class TRX

The American Navy Seals once developed a special training, in which they trained their strength, balance, flexibility and core stability at once. The training is now known as TRX. Starting February 4thour new instructor Mathilde will teach this class twice a week. TRX is every Monday at 8 pm and every Tuesday at 7 pm at mac.

During the training you work with a so-called TRX Suspension Trainer, which is attached to the ceiling or a beam. The TRX Suspension Trainer helps you train with your own body weight and gravity. Even though you do not always do exercises where the emphasis is on your core stability, you work on it unconsciously. TRX is the ideal training for your entire body!

TRX for everybody

Maybe you think: ‘This training is way too heavy for me!’. Well, that’s not true at all! TRX is for everybody! How hard you make the exercises, that’s for you to decide. By adjusting your body position, you can increase or decrease the resistance. The TRX classes at mac are in a way structured, that you do cardio and strength training alternately. There are so many different exercises in TRX. The class will certainly never boring!


Mathilde welcomes you every Monday and Tuesday in her class!