‘Learning to live healthier: It’s almost like going off drugs, that’s how tough it is’

‘Learning to live healthier: It’s almost like going off drugs, that’s how tough it is’

Instructor Niels (34) is an experience expert. Like no other, he knows how difficult it is to adept to a healthy lifestyle. “It was about six years ago”, Niels digs into his memory. “I was a lot bigger than I am now and thought: ‘This has to change’. So I started working with a personal trainer, paid more attention to my diet and eventually lost 25 kilos. I did bodybuilding, so I also became more and more muscular. So I really know how difficult it is to learn to live healthier. It’s almost like going off the drugs, that is how tough it is.”

Keep pushing
His huge makeover also caught the attention of his colleagues at work. “More and more often they asked me: ‘How did you do that? Do you have few tips so I can lose weight too?’ In my opinion, it all starts with quitting poor nutrition, such as soft drinks, sweets and chocolate. At first, losing weight goes really easy, but at a certain point it stagnates. That is the moment you start realizing how hard losing weight is. And you start thinking: ‘It is useless to continue’. Although it is very difficult, you still have to keep pushing. So, with my own experiences and after all those questions from my colleagues, I started to have the idea of following the Fitness Trainer A course besides my work. Eventually I ended up at mac.”

Advice on training and nutrition
Niels is now one of the instructors of the Small Group Training. He can also often be found in the gym, where he is happy to advise you on training and nutrition. “Of course I would like to talk to you about your personal goals. I can also make a training schedule for you and explain how you can eat and drink healthier. Once you’ve got started, I am always available for advice and motivation. Of course I can tell you my story and the struggles I felt sometimes. Hopefully you’ll think: ‘If he can do it, then I can do it too.’

Make an appointment
Would you like to talk to Niels about a training schedule? Make an appointment at our information desk.

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